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The training programme for Creativity and Innovation Management in SMEs covers 2 aspects of Innovation Management - Creativity and Collaboration. The aim of the training programme and materials is to support the training of the SMEs staff dealing with innovation activities and to develop their knowledge and competences in relation to creativity and collaboration management.
The training is structured in terms of learning outcomes following the ECVET recommendations and it will be tested during a 5 day-long training activity of 30 hours duration. The training is implemented in English language in the traditional form of face-to-face classroom training.

Get informed of the content of training course on Creativity and Collaboration Management in SMEs by clicking on the links of the Training Curriculum and the Training Materials.  


Training Curriculum 


Training Materials 

Unit Creativity


Topic 1.1 Creativity Management

Topic 1.2 We are all creative

Topic 1.3 Innovation types and levels

Topic 1.4. Strategy on creativity management

Topic 1.5 How to develop a process for individual creativity

Topic 1.6 How to develop a process for organisational creativity

Topic 1.7 Tools for developing a process for creativity

Topic 1.8 How to manage the creativity process

Topic 1.9 How to Measure Impact


Unit Collaboration  

Topic 2.1. Collaboration Management

Topic 2.2. How and why to collaborate

Topic 2.3. Collaboration types

Topic 2.4. How to create a strategy on collaboration management in workplace

Topic 2.5 How to plan collaboration management in workplace

Topic 2.6.How to collaborate successfully

Topic 2.7. How will you find the right partners

Topic 2.8. How to develop a Process for Collaboration

Topic 2.9. Collaboration and innovation

Topic 2.10 Critical success factors

Topic 2.11 Measure impact

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