INCREMENTA offers the Innovation Management System Guidebook for SMEs, with Creativity Management and
Collaboration Management contents. The guidebook focuses on the first part of the CEN/TS 16555 Standards Family, the 16555-1: Innovation Management System. The guidebook contains also a Health check of creativity and collaboration management in SMEs in order to facilitate the integration and implementation of its contents.

The Guidebook is available in English, Spanish, Hungarian, Greek, Polish, Bulgarian and Czech and will be available to download from the project website in pdf format.

The Guidebook will support the establishment of creativity and collaboration management inside SMEs. Ιt contains the key elements of establishment, with case studies and good practices.

The Guidebook serves a double aim: first to serve as material that can be used for training of entrepreneurs and staff but secondly to also serve as a guide and a managing tool, which will assist SMEs to carry out a self-assessment process and implement in their environment and already existing quality systems processes related to creativity and collaboration management.



Creativity Guidebook



Collaboration management Guidebook


Health Check

Health Check User Guide

Health Check

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